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tv   CNN Presents  CNN  February 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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was doing well and things were looking up for her, and she had children with a boyfriend who ended up killing himself a few weeks ago. she was struggling after that. actually was admitted herself to a psychiatric facility. and there's a cautionary tale here about the stigma of mental illness and the way in which the public attacks public celebrities who take care of themselves, and she was so fearful of the stigma and people responding to her being hospitalized she checked herself out prematurely and fou we have what we have. >> as i am sitting here looking at her picture, i remember a story from a while back that involved a child and custody with her. can you refresh our memory with that? do you know what i am talking about? >> yes, a long struggle to regain custody of her child who she finally had custody of again, and again, establishing a stable home with her boyfriend and things went off in a bad direction after he killed himself. again, i have no direct knowledge of all of this. this is what i'm understanding.
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i did hear from very concerned friends that she was struggling a few weeks ago, so i reached out to her, and i had not heard from her in years. >> you knew her personally? >> no. >> you didn't know her personally? >> no, i treated her on the celebrity rehab series, and had contact with her in different levels, and did not treat her and not her physician. but when i heard she was struggling i reached out to her to urge her to get to a facility if she felt she needed there. was good support to get her to do that, but the biggest fear was the stigma of doing so and what people would think if she god forbid took care of herself. this is the most distressing. she is a lovely woman, and we have lost her, and it didn't have to go down like this. >> thank you, dr. drew. i'm don lemon at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. thank you for watching.
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i will see you back here again next weekend. this is story of a man who swore to uphold the law, and that is how it began for a police cadet named christopher dorner, but it ended after a deadly manhunt and a reign of terror. his duty to serve and to mete out punishment for the men and women of the police force that mattered to him. and then from the roots of the rage and to the rage and the inferno that consumed him. our search for a cop killer. randy kaye. it has been a long two weeks as a lone gunman fueled by anger set out on a killing rampage. tonight from los angeles, we bring you the story of one man who waged a deadly war of retribution, and take you inside one of the largest manhunts in
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los angeles police history. >> reporter: for almost a decade irvine, california, has been known as the safest city in america. but in early february, this l.a. suburb was the scene of a terrible double murder. a crime that at the time offered no hint of the terror the come. the call came out at 2100 at a parking structure. >> reporter: it was february 3rd on the police scan that two people had been shot dead in lawrence's parked car. each had been shot multiple times. >> we are trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: initially police had no motive and no leads. >> nay get it into lawrence. >> lawrence was a well liked
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former college basketball player who had just begun a law enforcement career as a university of southern california safety officer. and quan, a daughter orf a former los angeles police captain was a beloved assistant basketball coach at cal state fullerton. >> a really bright light was put out way too soon. the pair's senseless killing left a community in shock. and police searching for answers. three days later, a break in the case. >> today, we have identified christopher dorner as a suspect in the double homicide. doern was lapd officer through 2009 and a reservist for the united states navy. of particular interest is a multipage manifesto in which the suspect has implicated himself in the slayings. >> reporter: dorner's angry
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manifesto was much more than a clue. posted on facebook, it was a clear and direct threat pamed at members of the lapd who dorner claimed ended his law enforcement career. in his manifesto, dorner warned that the targets would include not only police, but their family members as well. writing, quote, i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." dorner's chilling manifesto made sure that quan's murder was far from random. it is her father who had represented dorner in a disciplinary hearing that resulted in his dismissal from the lapd four years early. >> he stalked miss quan and her fiancee and this is a man on a mission for revenge. >> reporter: targeted by one of their own, the los angeles police department ordered special units to provide 24-hour protection to the dozens of
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people named in dorner's manifesto. >> we have strong cause to believe that dorner is armed and dangerous. >> this video obtained exclusively by cnn shows dorner just 12 hours after the irvine killings apparently placing a military belt, a helmet, and ammunition behind an autoparts store in san diego. >> of course, he knows what to do, because we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: hours after that press conference with southern california police on high alert, at 10:30 p.m., dorner slipped into the san diego marina, boarded a boat and surprised its owner. >> he pointed a handgun at the
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victim, an 81-year-old male and demand demanded the boat. >> reporter: dorner told the man he wanted the flee to mexico. >> the suspect then attempted to start the boat. >> reporter: but a rope began caught in the propeller delaying his escape. >> according to suspect, the man was frustrated and took a few e items including a cell phone and other miscellaneous items from inside of the boat and tied the victim up and left in unknown direction. >> he did not harm the 81-year-old man, and why? i think that because he was not a cop. >> reporter: days before the killings in irvine, surveillance cameras captured images of dorner purchasing scuba gear. >> you could use it against the officers with tear gas and maybe trying to attack someone by coming up behind them, under them on a boat? we don't know. >> reporter: and just as the police begun to focus their attention on the failed boat theft in san diego, dorner was
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spotted again, this time 90 miles north. at approximately 1:24 a.m., two los angeles police officers on protective duty on the los angeles suburb of corona were flagged down by a man who had spotted dorner's truck at a nearby gas station. the police followed the truck. >> exiting the freeway, the officers made that turn to eastbound where the suspect exited the vehicle and out of the vehicle immediately with a shoulder weapon, and started to shoot at the officers. the officers took cover, returned fire. >> reporter: in the resulting exchange of gun fire, one bullet grazed a responding officer's head, and their patrol car was so damaged, they could not chase dorner as he drove away. >> the suspect christopher dorn ser driving a 2005 charcoal gray nissan truck, and the last license plate known is -- >> reporter: although he was being hunted, dorner was not
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done doing the hunting. 20 minutes after the shooting in corona in nearby riverside as an 11-year police officer and the trainee were stopped at a redlight, dorner pulled up alongside them and opened fire. veteran officer michael crane, a father of two was killed. his 27-year-old trainee was critically wounded. >> the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back, no prewarning. >> god. you know, i first think about dorner, and words that come to mind, coward, vindictive, cold-blooded, deadly. >> reporter: in less than a week, christopher dorner had killed three people. wounded two. left an entire region on edge. and sparked the largest man hunt in los angeles police history.
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wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >> reporter: the former lapd officer now had thousands of his former brothers in blue chasing him. but just who was christopher dorner? cnn's key yawn -- looks at what lit the fuse that caused this explosive rampage. >> reporter: christopher dorner, target of the largest manhunt in lapd history. a vengeful ex-cop, armed and
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dangerous. turning against the very agency that defined him. >> he loved being a cop. he wanted to be a cop his whole life. >> reporter: chris dorner who was terrorizing california is far from the sunny upbringing of his childhood. he grew up in los angeles a sprawling suburbs with his mother and sister. attending norwalk christian elementary school. it is here where we get the first sign of dorner's sense of being wronged. in his manifesto he writes a fellow student calls him a "n" word on the playground. dorner fights the student and then writes he's appalled when the principal encourages him to turn the other cheek. in high school he writes about another incident, an assistant principal lied to dorner's mother about the theft of a watch. it is an incident that dorner writes, i never forgot. >> he just told me when he was in grade school he used to -- he would get picked on. >> reporter: james was dorner's college friend. dorner shared stories of his childhood bullying when they were teammates on southern utah university's football team. >> the one thing i do remember about chris was that he was sensitive to racial issues, race relations in general. >> reporter: it made an impression on him. >> i'm sure it did. without it make an impression on anybody.
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>> reporter: aaron alford coached dorner at southern utah. he was good in class. fit in with the team. alfred says he stuck out in the same way alfred did. >> you know, obviously coming as a young african-american male to southern utah university, there were the culture shock moments. he really, as far as race, racism, that was something that he was very sensitive to. he was one of -- wanted to call him out on it, he would not sit back and brush it under the rug like it is okay. >> reporter: he describes dorner as a man who saw the world as black and white. right and wrong. >> one of the things i always respected about chris was the fact he was a person of very strong convictions and a person with a lot of integrity and honesty. >> reporter: what code of ethics did he live by. >> chris, as much as anybody, he believes in right and wrong. if you do wrong, you should be punish and if you do right, you should live your life that way.
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>> reporter: one of the last times he saw dorner was on campus the signing up for the navy. as he graduated in 2001. >> if you look at his record, there's nothing really outstanding in there. he was -- sounded like a competent navy officer. he didn't rise up that far. >> reporter: the navy reserve lieutenant was good at one thing -- shooting. raided a rifle marksman and pistol expert. a skill apparent when he joined the lapd on february 7th, 2005. the man who gave cnn this video did not want to be identified. but talked so could you see what the lapd was up against. >> you look at chris, you could see he's a little bit of an expert. look at the way he loads and disarms, and almost no movement when he shoots the gun. pop, like nothing. >> reporter: he stood out.
8:17 pm
>> he stood out. he knew what he was doing. >> reporter: being a cop, could you tell that it was for to him? >> yeah. i think it was very for to him. yeah. >> reporter: could you see it. >> yeah. >> reporter: even during the training. >> yeah. i think it is a 300-pound dummy. he does that easily. >> reporter: this is a very strong man. >> right. >> reporter: but not everything was easy for the aspiring police officer. drill officers picked on him for his weight and slow running. >> he was always struggling. i thought maybe because he is a big guy, picking on him. couple of times he would respond sort of aggressively. you know. he would yell back louder than anybody else would. you know, he would be like -- yes, drill instructor. or like okay! >> reporter: dorner did not complete the police academy until the next class because of an accidental discharge of his gun, wounding his hand. the police suspended him for two days. the rookie cop eventually started working at the lapd harbor unit. he was working there in 2006 when arianna williams him.
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>> we dated for probably three months at the most. it was a very quick and intense romance. >> reporter: one that ended badly. williams, feelings scorned, posted dorner's name and badge number on don't date him, social networking site. williams describes verbal abuse. dorner was super-paranoid, he had a color problem. writing, this man really hated himself because he's black. >> obviously some sort of issue for him. the racial thing. >> reporter: you did state in the post that you felt like he was a self-hating black man. >> i did. as far as him identifying himself as a black man in america, i noticed some discrepencies there for me from the outside looking in. >> reporter: like dorner telling williams she was the first black girl he ever dated. williams says dorner had severe mood swings, calling it good chris, bad chris. dorner filed a temporary
8:19 pm
restraining order against williams after he saw her posting. >> this was the bad chris? >> this was the bad chris. >> reporter: the court case was eventually dismissed. soon after, the military called him up for a yearlong deployment. he never saw active duty. when he came back, according to police records, he struggled to fit in once again. in 2007, dorner's training officer reports while on duty, he was crying and demanded to be taken back to the station to talk to the training unit. the next week, dorner reported training officer theresa evans to the lapd for kicking a disabled man in an incident outside of a doubletree hotel. a report that would ultimately lead to his dismissal. dorner told him about his problems with the lapd. last time the two men spoke. can you see how a man like that, if he believes he is telling the truth, that could drive him to something like this? >> there's absolutely no excuse
8:20 pm
or justification that would make what's going on now okay but, you know, the truth is the truth. and again, i mean, i believe that chris dorn ser a truth teller. >> reporter: given his personality and the strong belief to tell the truth, can you see how it might cause him to have a psychotic break of some sort? >> well, that has to be pretty devastating for a guy who, again, lived his life by a certain code of ethics and believed himself to be an honest man. >> reporter: the man whose friends say saw the world in black and white was fired from the lapd for making false statements against his training officer. he lost every appeal to get his job back. dorner writes -- his firing triggered severe depression. eight years from the very day he stepped into the academy as a new recruit christopher dorner began to kill police officers.
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where would christopher dorner go? >> we're trying to find the scene. >> reporter: who would be his next target? >> an officer involved shooting. >> reporter: an entire region on edge. >> of course, he knows what he's
8:25 pm
doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> i think there was a level of anxiety and fear that permeated our city and the region. >> reporter: police were on high alert and on the lookout for dorner's truck. officers in torrance thought they spotted it. shots rang out. passenger and driver were injured, but instead of a cop kill eer, they had shot at two innocent people. >> apparently they tried to pull over, didn't pull over, and they shot at it. well, it was some people delivering newspapers. >> reporter: soon after just blocks away, officers fired at another truck, another mistake, this time no one was hurt. >> remember that this was almost within minutes, hours of what
8:26 pm
happened in riverside, and so there was a heightened sense of apprehension and i could just tell you that there was frayed nerves. >> reporter: police were on a hair trigger response. tensions were running high. they were the targets named in dorner's manifesto. the subject line reads, last resort. it is the only explanation we'll ever hear from christopher dorner. over 11,000 words posted on his facebook page, addressed simply to america. it is pages and pages of threats, confessions and rambling opinions. and it is chilling to read. i know most of you who personally know me. you are saying to yourselves that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. i know i will be vilified by the lapd and the media, unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that i do not
8:27 pm
enjoy, but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the lapd and reclaim my name. the question is, what would you do to clear your name. >> you see that smiling face, that's the chris i know. and -- but at the same time, again, he's being accused of some pretty horrific crimes. >> james usera is mentioned in the manifesto as being a good friend of dorner. >> at first it was shock and disbelief, this is not the chris dorner that i know. >> reporter: they were college friends and usera last spoke with him in 2008 after dorner was terminated from the lapd for making false statements to a superior officer. the termination is at the root of dorner's rampage. he is clearly looking for vindication. the attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence, publicly. dorner writes, i will not accept any type of currency, goods in exchange for at the attacks to
8:28 pm
stop, nor do i want it. i want my name back, period. there no negotiation. chris mahandi a former lapd psychologist never treated dorner but has studied his writings for clues to his mental state. >> dorner was absolutely obsessed with his grievance with the police department. his sense of having been wrongly treated, wrongly terminated. and this was the thing that he lived with day in and day out. couldn't let go. >> reporter: the shooter urges the media to investigate his case. with the discovery in evidence available, you will see the truth. unfortunately, i will not be alive to see my name cleared. he writes repeatedly about dying. i have nothing to lose. you cannot prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. dorner promises the violence of action will be high. and lists his targets by name. all members of the lapd. in essence, i've lost everything, because the lapd took my name, and knew i was
8:29 pm
innocent. your day has come. >> he thinks he's special. he's entitled, he's narcissistic, and believes he gets to act as judge, jury and executioner and strike at these people he perceives have wronged him. >> he threatens that suppressing the truth will lead to deadly consequences for you and your family. he made good on that promise when he shot and killed monica kwan and her fiancee. her father was named by dorner in an ominous threat. look your wives, husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth as to why your children are dead. ironically, dorner also uses his manifesto to talk about gun control. even offering his views on the victims of virginia tech, newtown and other mass shootings. remember the innocent children he writes. make sure this never happens again. >> the fact that he's talking about other incidents like newtown, for example, and